Psy and Gangnam Style Top Google Searches by Users in 2012

Psy’s Gangnam Style hit the web half way through 2012 but already topped worldwide searches by users.

Google reported that Gangnam Style was the second most searched for phrase in 2012, topping the list was Whitney Houston. On the same list of top searches came iPad 3 and Olympics 2012.

Top Worldwide Google Searches

Unsurprisingly Gangnam Style topped the most searched for video of 2012 in the world.

In the US, Gangnam Style was the 8th most searched for phrase. Topping the US list was Whitney Houston.

The UK saw Gangnam Style as the 10th most searched for phrase, but it was the top song to be searched for in 2012. Psy was the 5th most searched for artist above One Direction and Girls Aloud.

Gangnam Style was the second most searched for phrase in Malaysia. Running Man appeared as the 4th most searched for TV show coming just under Ultraman.

Psy has a big effect on Singapore; second most search for phrase, top searched for song and top kpop act to be search for (second was SNSD). Running Man also was the top most searched for TV show to be searched for in Singapore. Rooftop Prince and Dreamhigh 2 also appearing on the list.


South Korean Google searches were also domniated by Gangnam Style as well as Whitney Houston and Dreamhigh 2.

Gangnam Style also appears on the list for Indonesia, Philippines, Australia and Canada.



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