Pledis Entertainment’s Newest Band NU’EST Teasers Released

NU’EST, who are signed onto Pledis Entertainment, unveiled more details about the group as well as a teaser photo for fans. The boy band are set to debut this year. Pledis Entertainment released on January 17 that the name of the band would be NU’EST.

The concept behind the naming of NU’EST is “NU” representing “new”, while the following letters for “Establish”, “Style” and “Tempo”. Pledis Entertainment confirmed that the group will have five members and are set to have an electro urban sound to their music.

The photo that they are released certainly doesn’t give too much away with all members of the group having their backs turned to the camera.

Pledis Entertainment also stated on the status of other new bands debuting, “We are not worried about NU’EST being the latest boy band to be revealed amongst the number of artists such as EXO and B.A.P. that will make their debut early this year because our boys are very talented and look great too.”

As of yet there has been no other information about the group of their debut.

Source: 10Asiae


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