Park Bom Writes Heartfelt Letter on 2NE1 Disbandment


Park Bom took to Twitter to address her fans on the recent disbandment of kpop heavy weights 2NE1.

A handwritten letter addressed to fans was uploaded by Park Bom which read:

“Fans~ Around the world.. Hello this is Bom, whom you fans have always loved and protected… Our Blackjacks! You really waited so long for us… It’s regrettable… and I have nothing to say other than sorry… It hurts a lot… but I wanted to write a letter…”

The singer continues, “What I can say right now… is that I did my best… I waited, anticipated, and prepared various things to show our fans… but things in this world don’t seem to happen the way I’d like them to…”

“It’s not like we did this half-heartedly for a few years… So how can we erase everything in one fell swoop… T.T??… What to do… T.T Although it’s upsetting… I will strive to never forget our ‘memories,’” Park Bom writes. “All our happy moments and joyful times… T.T Although I’m shedding bitter tears… I will keep them in my heart.”

“When I think about parting ways with Dara, Chaerin, and Minzy, I become speechless… I suddenly can’t breath… I can’t write anymore because it hurts too much… The four of us… ” Park Bom continues. “‘Because we had you, we could do anything…’ I won’t forget you… Thank you… T.T”

CL and Sandara Park have each penned their own letters to fans as well.


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