Onew Message update on SHINee Official site

SHINee Onew recently updated the SHINee official site with a inspirational message to all their fans about their comeback. Onew also updated with a handsome selca of himself for his fans!

SHINee official site update Onew message 120321:

‘Hello~ this is Onew. ^^ It’s been a while since I’ve been on everyone’s side^^ euhaha~ This time, I’ll only stand by all of you in the future~! Everyone let’s cooperate together and fighting!~^^ㅎ’

Translation and original post credit : kariseuma via: SHINeetown

Their comeback stage is scheduled for 22nd March on Mnet Countdown and the release of Sherlock MV is scheduled on the same day. so please anticipate further updates on SHINee!

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