ONEUS To Perform New Song at Upcoming “CRUSH ON Ø US” Online Concert

On November 5, ONEUS announced their first ontact concert coming up at the end of the month.

ONEUS 1st Ontact Live: “CRUSH ON Ø US” will take place on Saturday, November 28 at 1PM (KST) via MyMusicTaste Live.

In the concert poster, the members’ charming personalities shine through with their bright, pastel attire and joyful expressions as they eagerly celebrate their first ontact (online contactless) concert with balloons and confetti. According to their label RBW, the concert title “ON Ø US” represents not only the group’s name, but also uses the “Ø” in place of the “E” in “ONEUS” to express the meaning of “falling in love with us.” 

The ONEUS members are currently working hard to show a top-tier, high quality performance for their fans, TO MOONs. Along with their hit tracks, the group is also preparing never-before-seen special stages. In particular, ONEUS will be performing a new song live at “CRUSH ON Ø US” exclusively for their online viewers.

Ticket Info

Tickets to ONEUS 1st Ontact Live: “CRUSH ON Ø US” will go on sale on Monday, November 09, 2020 on MyMusicTaste’s official website.

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