OH MY GIRL to Hold Winter Fairy Tale: “The Lost Memory” Online Concert in November

OH MY GIRL invites MIRACLE’s to their online, winter fantasy concert.

Organized by CJ ENM, OH MY GIRL 2020 ONLINE CONCERT Winter Fairy Tale: “The Lost Memory” will air online on Sunday, November 22 at 5PM (KST). 

In the concert’s teaser poster, a full moon was depicted high in the night sky, illuminating the sea below in a mysterious purple hue. MIRACLEs’ interests were piqued by the concert’s mysterious message:

The moon rising that signals the coming of winter

When the day we meet the snow begins

The glow of seven colors from the deepest part of the sea

Reveals its appearance to the world

The official concert poster shows the OH MY GIRL members floating elegantly under the depths of the sea, sparking interest and raising questions as to how this winter fairy tale’s story will unfold.

Winter Fairy Tale: “The Lost Memory” will be the third installment in OH MY GIRL’s season-themed concerts. The first concert dates back to 2016 with Summer Fairy Tales, a two-day event that broke the record for the fastest sold-out concert for a rookie group by selling out in three minutes. It was followed by the two-day Fall Fairy Tales concert in 2018.

Ticket Info

Tickets to OH MY GIRL 2020 ONLINE CONCERT Winter Fairy Tale: “The Lost Memory” are available for purchase on INTERPARK TICKET (Asia) and AXS (North America, South America, and Europe).

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