Nine Muses Kick Off Comeback Teasers With Sera, Lee Sem, Sungah and Gyueong Ree

After releasing the music video teaser for “Glue” at the end of last week, Nine Muses stepped up their game today with the unveiling of Sera, Lee Sem, Sungah and Gyueong Ree’s image teasers.

Hyun A, Euaerin, Eunji, Hyemi and Minha are due to be released soon, as promised on Nine Muses official Facebook.

The girls are looking better than ever in their new teasers. Nine Muses pose in a studio with skin-tight black outfits.

The full release of “Glue” will be on December 4, meanwhile we expect the rest of the jacket images tomorrow.

Lee Sem

Sung A


Gyueong Ree

Check out the music video teaser if you missed it.


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