New Girl Group Lovelyz Release Video Teaser

Lovelyz Girls

Woollim Entertainment will be debuting their first girl group Lovelyz.

The girls are made up of members Baby Soul, Yoo Jiae, Jin, Lee Mijoo, Seo Jisoo, Kay, Ryu Soojung and Jung Ye In.

Their concept in the new teaser is school girl as they are very much rookies compared to all the other girl groups out at the moment.

Lovelyz will share a pre-release on November 10, which will be followed by their showcase on the 12th.

Check out the teaser below.


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  1. Just what kpop needs– another carbon-copy, cutesy girl group. There sure aren’t enough of those around! Anyone who dares say “but they’ll be different!!1” is either in love with Woolim for their other groups already, or kidding themselves. You can put these girls next to any other cute girl group and the average person won’t know the difference. And YES, people can identify different people even if they aren’t into kpop! Put 2PM next to Big Bang and they may not know all the names and birthdays, but they’ll know they’re actually different groups.

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