[MV] KARA Nicole ‘Lost’ PV featuring 2AM Jinwoon solo

[ad#GA-468-img-sumi] Soon after disclosing songs video teasers and jacket covers for their future Japanese album, KARA Collection, KARA has now released individual songs. KARA Nicole Jung has recently released her Japanese solo single ‘Lost’ featuring 2am Jinwoon! With only one final member Seungyeon to release their solo PV we are excited for their Japanese comeback and news for their Korean Comeback!

Please check it out and also check out the other members solo singles and let us know what you think!

[MV] Nicole (KARA) – Lost (feat… by mrhoneyhammie

Gyuri (KARA) – Hakuchumu (Daydream) JP Ver.

[MV] Gyuri (KARA) – Hakuchumu (Daydream) JP Ver. by mrhoneyhammie

Jiyoung (KARA) – Wanna Do JP Ver.

[MV] Jiyoung (KARA) – Wanna Do JP Ver. by mrhoneyhammie

Hara (KARA) – Secret Love JP Ver.

[MV] Hara (KARA) – Secret Love JP Ver. by mrhoneyhammie

Credits: @MrHoneyHammie On Dailymotion

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