MIT students visit YG


On March the 31st, YG announced that 50 Students from MIT’s Business School, Sloan had visited the company and attended a lecture about the secrets behind leading the Korean Wave. The lecture was held at YG’s company building in Hapjung, Seoul on March 30.

The students visited Korea as part of ‘Korea Japan Study Tour’. A YG representative explained the philosophy behind their success as ‘Familism’ and pointed out how the strong  bond amongst the artists as well as with the company and how that produced high quality content. He explains, “We were able to become the ‘trend leader’ because we came up with innovative approaches and boldly invested in various fields such as music, fashion, and music video.”

Robby Huang, a student who attended this lecture, says, “I am amazed how the producer at work supervises over multiple albums yet come up with fresh and new music every time. Through this trip, I was able to feel how K pop is globally spreading.”

What do you think makes YG the amazing company it is today??

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