Minzy’s ‘2NE1 Loves’ Teaser Released

Minzy’s teaser for ‘2NE1 Loves’ was released today completing the entire group teasers.

The new clip is titled, ‘2NE1 Loves Vol.2 – Minzy Loves’ with the link to 2ne1loves.com. So far previous teasers for CL, Dara and Bom all link to the same site.

There is still no confirmation as to what the teasers are for, with many speculating that it is probably for 2NE1’s comeback to the music scene. Other fans suggest that it could be another endorsement for a product. YG Entertainment said on their me2day, “Please continue to keep an eye on 2ne1loves.com homepage!! What kind of collaboration could it be?”.

2NE1 recently collaborated with Will.i.am on his latest album #willpower.


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