Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism seeking to protect trainees

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism are now trying to seek legislation to help protect trainees of entertainment companies. This comes after much of the news from sexual assaults of trainees in the entertainment industry.

Cultural Content Industry Office director-general, Kim Gapsu, stated “There is no system that protects trainees or star-wannabes from owners and staff members of agencies who force them to have sex. Of course, hallyu, or the Korean wave, contributed to boosting national brand power but abusive practices targeting young star-wannabes in the pop-culture industry have to be rooted out immediately.”

As part of the strategy to protect trainees the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will be partnering the Korea Entertainment Producers’ Association and the Korea Entertainment Management Association to help push through this legislation. In cooperation with the government they will collect basic research information on the entertainment companies.

The ministry will also be involved in assessing and inspecting all agencies to prevent any further sexual assaults or exploitation of trainees.

Source: KoreaTimes


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