Five-member group MCND will be meeting their global fans through their first-ever solo concert.

MCND 1ST ON:LIVE “GEM AGE”’ will be livestreamed on Saturday, September 26 at 12PM (KST) via MyMusicTaste’s website. 

The quintet debuted in February with their lead single “Ice Age” from their EP “Into The Ice Age” and immediately galvanized a strong following. Consisting of members Castle J, Bic, Minjae, Huijun, and Win, the group recently made their comeback in August with “nanana“ from their latest EP “Earth Age.” With ‘MCND 1ST ON:LIVE “GEM AGE”’ being their first-ever solo concert, the members are looking forward to creating a memorable experience with their fans called GEM.

MyMusicTaste is a fan initiated online/offline event making service that brings fans, artists and promoters from all over the world together in one place to create a valuable and meaningful concert experience for everyone involved.

Ticket Info

Tickets to ‘MCND 1ST ON:LIVE “GEM AGE” are onsale now, only on MyMusicTaste.

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