M4M Release Jimmy and Vinson Teaser Along With Sadness MV

The first teaser for M4M’s debut single, “Sadness” has been released. All four members are featured on the video, allowing people to see them as a group for the first time.

The boys walk up to the camera in stylish black and red leather jackets. The video then features each of the members separately in their own style. M4M also bring in their choreography and image into the teaser.


M4M Jimmy

Teasers for Jimmy and Vinson were also released this week. Jimmy is M4M’s leader and is fluent in multiple languages. He is born in 1986 and hails from Hong Kong.


M4M Vinson

Vinson is from Taiwan and was born in 1991. His speciality is dance, and he enjoys singing, working out, and playing video games. Vinson is fluent in both Korean and Mandarin.


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