LKFF 2012 – The Thieves Review

1st November saw the 2012 London Korean film festival kick off there month long of amazing movies at the Odeon in Leicester square, this is the first time the festival has managed to get a whole billboard poster above the cinema. This year’s films look promising as the first movie The Thieves sold out the theater. The Thieves starring actor Jun ji hyun, Kim Soo Hyun, Kim yoon Suk as well as many more amazing stars, since its opening in July has become Korea highest grossing domestic film to date, and the LKFF screening taking place showed its popularity as there was not a spare seat in site

The Thieves is set mainly between Korea and Hong Kong, the plot of the film is about a group of thieves who take on a big job in Hong Kong where their mission is to steal an expensive diamond worth $30 million dollars. The heist is led by Macau Park (Kim Yoon Suk), who also involves well known Chinese veteran theif Chen (Simon Yam) and his gang.  The story excitingly unfolds around all these thieves and the characters they play in order to retrieve this diamond, thus being love, drama, double crossing, false identities, and when it comes down to the heist finally taking place, very little goes according to plan.

Overall I couldn’t fault this film, it has everything, action, drama, love but most of all humor, it will have you laughing from begin to end, it grabbed my attention and had it throughout the movie as I did not want to miss anything. It is being compared to Ocean’s Eleven which shows the plot is nothing we haven’t seen before, but the dialogue and characters are a lot more witty and thought out, the director cleverly gave every character a meaning in this film and no one was forgotten about. Disappointly famous young actor Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High) also featured in this film wasn’t the lead  man as his character was cut three quarters in.

There was also a Q&A after the film was finished which actor Kim Yoon Suk who plays Macau Park and Director Choi Dong Hoon were present for. It was interesting to find out many things about the filming of the movie, how the actors got on, why  Kim Soo hyun became involved in the movies as he did not play a major part as many of these questions were asked.

This film is definitely a must see its charismatic cast, vivid action and tricky storyline will not leave you disappointed.

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