Lim Kim Signs Exclusive Contract with New Entry, Plans to Tackle New Music and Activities

Singer-songwriter Lim Kim signed an exclusive contract with New Entry and started her full-fledged activities.

On December 9 (KST), New Entry confirmed the news and welcomed their new artist saying “It is an honor to be with Lim Kim, who is greatly loved by  the public for her irreplaceable voice. We have planned to support her  activities in various fields, from music to entertainment to acting.”

Lim Kim also expressed her eagerness to begin the next chapter of her life with her new agency. “We are preparing a new image and music to be closer to the public,” she shared. “We are planning more activities shortly.”

Following the announcement the songstress unveiled a new profile picture on her social media accounts. Exuding grace and beauty, her new profile picture gave a glimpse of the songstress’ charms and new, mature self.

Lil Kim is best known for being part of the Korean duo Togeworl (“Two Months” in Korean) who ranked in the Top 3 of Mnet’s 2011 singing competition show, Superstar K3. After signing a contract with MYSTIC Entertainment, Lim Kim captivated audiences with her unique, dreamy, and soothing vocals through singles such as “All Right,” “Voice,” “Rain,” and “What To Do With You.”

After her contract expired with Mystic Entertainment in 2016, the singer temporarily halted activities. After a three-year hiatus, she made her grand return to music in 2019 and adopted the name, “Lim Kim.” Her activities strayed away from her past work as she adopted a new, owerful, hip-hop concept. In 2020, Lim Kim was awarded the “Best Dance & Electronic Album” and “Best Dance & Electronic Song” at the 17th Korean Music Awards.

Lim Kim’s new home, New Entry, was founded by CEO Sang-Hyun Sung,  a veteran who worked at SM Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, and Cube  Entertainment.

Meanwhile, Lim Kim is currently working on her new album and plans to return to the limelight through acting, entertainment, and music.

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