Leeteuk’s Father and Grandparents Case Investigated Further By Police

Police have released more information regarding the deaths of Leeteuk’s father and grandparents. Initial reports had said that they had died in a car accident, however further investigation revealed that it was a suicide.

Dongjak Police Department, who currently in charge of the investigation, revealed that the bodies of Leeteuk’s father and grandparents were found at their house around 9:20AM on January 6 by Mr. Park’s nephew/niece. Leeteuk’s grandparents were found in bed lying next to each other, while his father was found hanging from a wardrobe handle. A suicide note was left by his father, “I will take my parents and go to heaven together so live well,” it continued to say, “I am sorry to my children”.

Further investigation revealed that Leeteuk’s father had divorced his mother in 1998 and lived separately from the family. In the past few years Leeteuk’s grandfather developed dementia and soon after Leeteuk’s grandmother was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer with the additional complication of dementia, meaning that she was unable to look after his grandfather. His father had unfortunately racked up a debt of millions of won due to business failure and had the house seized to pay of the debts. A day before his father was due to admit the grandparents into a convalescent hospital, Leeteuk’s father took the lives of his parents and committed suicide.

Dongjak Police Department said, “We have made the provisional conclusion that Mr. Park took the lives of his parents and committed suicide due to being overwhelmed with his struggles According to his family, Mr Park suffered from depression.”

The funeral is being held at the Korea University Guro Hospital.


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