Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young Break Up

[ad#GA-468-tx-natmj] The famous ‘City Hunter’ couple, Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young, has seemed to have broken up.

After completing SBS’s ‘City Hunter’, it was revealed that the two stars were in a relationship. Apparently, the couple had ended their relationship a while ago but never revealed their separation since they had to consider their agencies’ positions.

Park Min Young’s side stated, “It has been a while since the two met. Because it was embarrassing to directly reveal that they broke up
and she had to consider the agency’s position, she did not reveal that she cleaned up their relationship.

The agency continued, “They became strangers before the 2011 Acting Awards. With this reason, Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho had attended two  different award ceremonies… Lee Min Ho went to SBS Acting Awards, while Park Min Young had went to the KBS Acting Awards.

The main reason for their breakup are their busy schedules. Park Min Young’s side stated, “Park Min Young had to film for KBS‘s ‘Man of Honor’,  she did not have time to rest for a while. Lee Min Ho also had to film for his advertisements and attend his oversea activities, and we know that he is very busy… The two could not meet often and naturally broke up.

Lee Min Ho’s agency is still confirming the news with the actor. A representative stated, “After we saw the reports that Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young broke up, we haven’t yet confirmed it with him… If the two had broken up, Lee Min Ho would have told us and there has been no story yet.

Many fans are saddened by the breakup and hope both of them ended on good terms.

Source: Daily Sports via Nate



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