Lee Hyori Releases ‘Miss Korea’ MV


After causing a stir with news of a comeback, Queen of sexy Lee Hyori has finally made her return to the music scene, releasing the music video for new single ‘Miss Korea’. Watch the music video below:


In Hyori’s comeback concept, she has been able to maintain her sexiness all the while showing off a mature and sophisticated side, as the music video is black and white for the most part, with an extremely retro and vintage feel. Hyori makes several costume changes throughout, from conservative dresses to leg revealing swimsuits, all the whilst wearing dark dramatic eye make up.

The track itself sounds incredibly retro and vintage, with a backing that sounds as though it may have been written in the 60’s, consisting of a simple drum beat, bass line and guitar switching between acoustic and distorted sounds.

What do you think of Hyori’s return to the music scene?






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