LAist Studios’ Upcoming “K-Pop Dreaming” Podcast to Tell of K-Pop’s Coming of Age

From LAist Studios, “K-Pop Dreaming” is an upcoming podcast about the rise and history of K-Pop in the United States, told from the point-of-view of the Korean diaspora in Los Angeles.

Host Vivian Yoon takes listeners on a journey from K-Pop’s origins in Korean trot music and American presence in post-war South Korea to the 1992 L.A. Uprising and the booming global popularity of K-Pop in the present day, all juxtaposed against Yoon’s own coming-of-age as a second generation immigrant in Los Angeles, struggling to fit in and come to terms with her own identity. A pop culture history lesson, a coming-of-age second-generation immigrant memoir, and a love letter to the city of Los Angeles blend into one educational and heart-warming podcast.

The first and second episodes of “K-Pop Dreaming” premiere on February 23, 2023. Check out LAist’s website for more information.

In partnership with GYOPO, LAist Studios will be hosting a special live event for the new podcast on Thursday, March 16, 2023, at the Crawford Family Forum in Pasadena, California. Expect a live K-Pop DJ, and a vibrant discussion led by Vivan Yoon on the evolution of Korean pop culture and its relationship to Southern California. More details to be revealed in the coming month.

Yoon has written on various animated shows for Netflix, Amazon, and Verizon Media, and her voice acting skills can be found in Disney animated films such as SPIES IN DISGUISE, the critically acclaimed fiction show podcast MOONFACE, and various Netflix K-dramas and films. Her original dramedy series recently became the subject of a bidding war between two major studios.

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