[Update] Korean Hip-Hop and R&B Artists to Perform in the U.S.



Korea’s top hip-hop and R&B artists will be making their way around the U.S. for the Asian Music Festival! Bumkey, Verbal Jint, Beenzino, Hwayoung, and Kanto will be performing in New York, Seattle, and Los Angeles as part of the Asian Music Festival’s Korean Hip Hop Series Vol.1.” (Update: Beenzino will NOT be performing at the New York show and Sanchez will be unable to participate in the full tour and has been replaced by singer, Hwayoung.)

In addition to the line-up, other artists will be featured in each stop. The Los Angeles show has announced IAMMEDIC, DANAKADAN,  DJ B and Young Min Joo as special acts.  Performers for the other two stops have still not been released.

The tour will start off in New York on Thursday, May 22 at the B.B. King Blues Club & Grill, followed by Seattle on Friday, May 23 at the Showbox, and will wrap up in Los Angeles on Sunday, May 25 at the Belasco Theater.

Tickets for all three shows can be purchased in the links below:

Due to a high demand for VIP tickets, the organizers decided to open up additional spaces at the front and side stages for the Los Angeles show so more fans can be up close and personal with the artists.If you have already purchased GA tickets and would like to upgrade, you can use the “VIP Upgrade” button on the ticketing site to purchase the upgrade. You must already have purchased a GA ticket in order for this to be valid. You will be required to bring in your GA ticket upon entry.)

[button link=”http://www.eventbrite.com/e/amf-concert-nyc-ft-verbal-jint-friends-18-tickets-5701707962″ variation=”blue”]New York (18+!)[/button] [button link=”http://www.axs.com/events/250397/amf-asian-music-festival-tickets” variation=”blue”]Seattle[/button] [button link=”http://www.flavorus.com/event/AMF-Korean-HipHop-Concert-2014/242191″ variation=”blue”]Los Angeles[/button]

Want to know more about the artists performing? Check out some of their hit songs!

[box_dark] Bumkey – “Attraction” (ft. Dynamic Duo)

Verbal Jint – “Walking in the Rain” (ft. Bumkey)

Beenzino – “Dali, Van, Picasso”

Kanto – “What You Want” (Ft. Kim Sunggyu)

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  1. This is not fair. For one thing the NY concert is on a Thursday and I have school. But the other thing is that I’m only 16! Even if I tried I couldn’t get in and my parents are definitely not going to let my fly to Washington or California to go to one of the other concerts. This is the worst…First no Teen Top concert due to the date being on a Sunday and now no K Rap concert because of school and I can’t even get it! God live is hard being obsessed with kpop and living on the East Coast. (Putting into consideration going to college in LA~THEN I WILL ACUALY BE ABLE TO ATTEND THESE AMAZING CONCERTS) But for the time now…KPOP CELEBS PLEASE COME TO AT LEAST NY ON REASONABLE DATES (LIKE SATURDAYS PLZ) AND REASONABLE PLACES (NO MORE CLUBS PLZ) Hope you’ll see this post^^

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