Kim Soo Hyun spotted in Oxford street , London

There has been a recent buzz amongst fans of actor Kim Soo Hyun arriving in London and on the 5th April he was spotted near by Oxford St by a fan. The actor was shopping around Central London and was seen entering many high street shops. He greeted the fan nicely and seemed very happy to be in the UK.

Photography By Su Mi


The actor recognised for his latest role in the drama “The Moon Embracing The Sun” left Incheon Airport, Korea earlier today at 4pm KST and was headed for London for a photoshoot. The actor is apparently staying for 4days, sightseeing and on work related business.

We hope Kim Soo Hyun has a pleasant stay in London and we wish to here more about his endeavours. Kpopconcerts will keep you updates with more news on Kim Soo Hyun in London!

  1. OMG! He’s going international I see? ..hehe.. that’s soo cool though. I heard he went to London for a photo shoot. I want to see pictures! Always supporting Kim Soo Hyun! I love him! :D

  2. Noooo! Why am I only finding out now? :( I would’ve done a Siwon. His photoshoot pics are gorgeous though. Hopefully more Korean stars come to London, especially my biases.

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