Kim Jae Joong with an eye injury

Kim Jae Joong from JYJ, has recently released a picture of himself wearing an eye patch, worrying many fans.

Kim Jae Joong tweeted the picture on December 20 with the comment, “I don’t have a healthy body… Take care of your body!”

People responded: “Do you have a sty on your eye?” “Oppa, please get well soon.” “You are worrying about your fans even though you are not feeling well?”

Kim Jae Joong had previously appeared on SBS’s Protect the Boss. He received a lot of positive attention for the role that he played in the drama. He is currently working on future songs and considered his next role.

Source: TV Report


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  1. oppa fight dnt be scard thats a lettle bit We,re always pray 4 your health..We love you Kim jae joong..good luck. once agian always pray to god 4 your health.. heal you ok. i let yourself :) :)

    from Philippines

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