Kim HyunJoong Seen Washing Dishes at His Restaurant


SS501’s leader Kim HyunJoong has always been known for having a kind heart and hard working attitude; and recently he took that to a whole new level by surprising fans at his restaurant J Chicken in Sadang.

The young idol spent 2 hours in his restaurant despite a busy schedual and was seen signing autographs for shocked fans as well as personally washing the dishes himself. Fans in the restaurant commented that “He washed dishes for 20 minutes straight just because it’s his store. I wanted to tell him I’d do it” and “He even made sure the sink was tidy too. It looks like he’s had lots of practice.” Netziens who saw the picture after the event took place;were equally shocked expressing their views saying “Even though it’s his own store, it’s rare to see someone personally doing the dishes”

Kim HyunJoong has been quite busy at the moment, recording for his new drama City Conquest aswell as his album selling over 200,00 copies in Japan.

So who says idols are to busy to do some household chores?

Source: TV report via naver


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