KCON 2014 To Host OGN ‘League of Legends’ Champions Festival


KCON 2014 has prepared a special surprise for gamers, as they announced that they will be hosting a special “Ongamenet League of Legends Champions Festival – Special Greet & Match” at this year’s convention!

Fans will be able to participate in one of four Q&A sessions with professional gamers, as well as friendly 5 vs 5 matches with Korean pro gamers.

CJ E&M’s Ongamenet, a South Korean cable channel specializing in the broadcast of E-sport matches, will bring former pro gamer and current coach of Team Solo Mid, ‘Locodoco’ as the commentator for this event.

E-sport and League of Legends is a significant part of the Korean and Hallyu culture, and serves as a wonderful alternate from usual Kpop festivals.

How can I be a part of the action? Tickets for the “Ongamenet League of ‘Legends Champions Festival – Special Greet & Match” at KCON 2014 will go on sale July 21st, 10:00AM. More information on KCON 2014 and the event can be found www.powerhouselive.net, www.kconusa.com.

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