KARD Retaliates Against Malicious Comments in “GUNSHOT” MV

Words have tremendous power. They can either brighten someone’s life or make it a living hell. Co-ed group KARD takes this theme by the horns and addresses it in their new song, “GUNSHOT.” “GUNSHOT” illustrates how receiving hurtful words can be as painful as being hit by bullets.  

The music video’s impactful visuals tells the story of Jiwoo, Somin, BM, and J.Seph, who are in anguish as a result of malicious words. The video opens up with the group covered in scars and looking defeated as they are surrounded by cameras. The scene represents how idols are at the mercy of the public’s constant scrutiny and are left in the open to be attacked by malicious comments, which are often undeserved and uncalled for. As the video progresses, the members retaliate against the abuse  — Somin cuts off her hair, Jiwoo and BM smash objects, and J.Seph sets aflame a mask belonging to . 

“GUNSHOT” is the title track for KARD’s first single album, Way With Words.” The tracklist includes two additional songs  –“ㅏㅣㅑ (AH EE YAH)” and “HOLD ON“. With this album, BM further solidified his title as a rising singer-songwriter by participating in the songwriting, music composition, and arrangement of all three tracks. Fellow member J.Seph also participated in the songwriting for all three songs. 

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