K-pop Heroine AleXa Announces “Ontact Live” Concert

Long-awaited First “Ontact Live” Concert – “‘CTRL + AleXa’ ENTER the AleXa Universe” – Is HERE!

AleXa, the hot new rookie out to lead a new generation of K-pop – a genre enjoyed by music lovers all around the world – is hosting her first online solo concert, “‘CTRL + AleXa’ ENTER the AleXa Universe.”

‘CTRL + AleXa’ ENTER the AleXa Universe” will be broadcast live to the world through the Fanbox app on July 18 at 18:00 (KST), and will emit a new charm for past and present fans alike. AleXa, who had dreamed of becoming a K-pop artist in a small rural town in the U.S., won both seasons of international talent competition “Rising Legends,” co-hosted by JYP Entertainment in 2016 and CUBE Entertainment in 2017.

AleXa, who amassed a following in the U.S. even prior to debut, appeared on MNET’s “Produce 48,” where she won the hearts of Korean fans as a K-pop trainee. AleXa is signed to ZB Label, the subsidiary label to Zanybros, the nation’s top music video producer and Korea’s largest creative group. In 2019, AleXa made her multilingual debut with debut title track “Bomb,” which quickly garnered 15 million views on YouTube and ranking 7th on Billboard’s “World Digital Song Sales Chart.”

Since then, AleXa has become a global mega rookie, with her mini-album title track “Do Or Die” accruing more than 1 million views on the day of its release and more than 5 million views in four days. 

AleXa’s production boasts Avengers-level hitmakers, with albums composed by top Swedish producers at EKKO MUSIC GROUP, who have worked with K-pop icons BTS, TWICE, Red Velvet, Super Junior, NCT and SuperM. RBW Entertainment producer Hwang Sung-jin, known for high quality productions, also participated in the recording and songwriting.

Having been the first female solo artist in Korea to challenge the Brazilian Funk genre and showing masculine and powerful performances, AleXa is born anew as “K-POP’S NEW HEROINE,” opening up a new horizon for K-pop female soloists.

AleXa’s first “Ontact Live” concert, “‘CTRL + AleXa’ ENTER the AleXa Universe,” will showcase unique, colorful performances with a high-quality production similar to the striking, cinematic experience of “Do Or Die.” The concert will feature heart-to-hearts with fans, and reveal the true AleXa, one beyond the charisma shown on stage.

AleXa is also slated to make her comeback with her upcoming release, “Villain.”

For those curious about the multi-facets of AleXa, ENTER the AleXa Universe!

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