K-pop Blondes: Part one – Boys edition

There’s a saying that goes “Every K-pop group needs at least one blonde.” That’s very true indeed – blonde hair is a still growing phenomenon in the world of K-pop, and we’ve made two Top-10 Chart of the best looking, blonde K-pop idols – a boys and a girls edition.

The ranking is based on the following 3 things;
– Whether the dye-job is well-done or not.
– How it suits them compared to their normal hair color.
– If the blonde hair suits them (skincolor, facial features etc.)

The chart starts at 10 and goes all the way down to one, which is the best.
NB! Make sure to check out the girls edition here:

10) Zico – Block B

9) Mir – MBLAQ

8 ) Ren – NU’EST

7) L.Joe – Teen Top

6) Youngmin – Boyfriend

5) Sungjong – Infinite

4) Eunhyuk – Super Junior

3) Taemin – SHINee

2) Jungmo – TRAX

We chose to split the 1st place between BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki

1) Part one: G-Dragon – BIGBANG

1) Part two: Lee Hong Ki – F.T. Island


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