JYP Entertainment looking for the next kpop idol

The 9th public audition will be held by JYP Entertainment, the people behind 2PM, Wonder Girls and miss A.

JYP announced on December 12, “We’re holding a nation tour audition, looking for new members of our agency, and world-star-to-be. Online applying started on December 5, and all the talented students over the country are invited to enter the audition.”

Daum will be the base for people wanting to apply for the JYP 9th public audition. JYP will offer three places through final competitions in February 2012 where the successful contestants will be offered the chance to train with JYP.

The winner of the Hum Star competition will be given the chance to work as a Hum model.

JYP said, “Numerous idols being active at the moment started their career through the JYP public audition. We will keep focusing on finding undiscovered gifted youths. We are looking forward to meeting star-to-be over the country.”

Source: TV Report


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  1. can i be a kpop idol also?but i dont know korea language…i am try to learning korea language now….

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