JYJ’s Junsu “Will Continue to Challenge myself with the name XIA”

JYJ’s Junsu has announced that he will not stop challenging himself with the name “Xia.”

According to the announcement by C-Jes Entertainment on the 26th Junsu had said in a press conference opened at the Hong Kong Renaissance Conference Room that “When I first started my solo career, I hesitated due to different limitations, but as I released an album, and as I go on tour, I have gained a lot of self-confidence.”

Regarding Junsu’s English single release, he has mentioned that “with the upcoming world tour, and with the thought of giving a pleasant treat to the fans all around the world, ‘UNCOMMITTED’ was worked on with a famous American songwriter, ‘Automatic’. Although English was chosen because it is the language that is easy for fans all over the world can understand, but the song has a R&B Urban Pop style, and singing it in its original English lyrics would be able to relay the feel of the song better, so I have challenged myself to do so.”

Junsu relays that he “will not be too comfortable or stop with the artist name of Xia, and continue to challenge himself.”

Junsu added that “the thought of being able to see the beautiful Hong Kong night view has made me restless. It’s a city that’s always been close to me and I thank everyone who came to see me. I am glad that the Finale for the Asia Tour is to be held in Hong Kong.”

In this day’s press conference, 50-60 media practitioners attended, including those well-known in Hong Kong. The press listened attentively to Junsu (XIA) and when he expressed his favor to Hong Kong, laughter filled the conference.

Junsu’s “XIA 1st Asia tour in HongKong” was conducted on the 26th 9PM (Korean time) in the Hong Kong convention center.

Junsu and the other members of the group, JYJ were originally members of the Group, TVXQ and debuted in 2005. But in July 2009, the three had filed for an injunction again their agency, SM Entertainment, in regard to their terms of profit distribution, and others. This case was settled in October of 2009, and had ruled in favor of the members of JYJ. And on 2010, the three members had formed their own group, and have been active in different aspects of the entertainment industry, which includes musical albums, musical performances, acting in dramas, etc.

The last group activity was in the latter part of 2011, in which the group had released a collection of photos taken during a trip. As of 2012, Jae Joong has been casted in a drama series and has been focusing on his acting. Yoo Chun, has also been focusing on his acting, and has been awarded the “Most Popular Actor in TV Drama” at the 48th Baeksang Arts Awards and has been starring in different drama series. And Jun Su is focusing on his musical career, with his first solo album.

Translated by Eun Hae Oh


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