Juniel Impresses With Her Performance at MIDEM VIP Event

Juniel made her debut 6 months ago but is already making waves with the international music community.

Juniel was invited to perform at the ‘MIDEM Happy Hour’ party which is a VIP event that happens before the MIDEM festival.

During her performance Juniel performed “Ready Go”, “Bad Man”, “Boy” and “Illa Illa”.

After her performance Juniel’s record label passed on the feedback they received.

Swiss producer Pernilla Svanstrom said, “She sang better than I expected and she has talent I was surprised”.

Finnish composer Teemu Lillrank commented, “Her singing ability is great and she’s so cute and pretty that I want to write a song for her myselfShe’s charming”.

Ron Thaler, an American music producer said, “She’s a young artists who has talent and I would like to work with her”.


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