JJ Project ‘BOUNCE’: Get The Look

JJ Project have only recently exploded onto our screens and have already secured fan girl hearts all over. JB & JR‘s debut was very much anticipated ever since Dream High 2 wrapped up. They debuted with their first single ‘BOUNCE’ and wow was it a great MV visually.

They were so fresh and young and playful! It was a joy to watch so I thought why not create a look?? I think this one has been hard because I was trying to create girl outfits from outfits of 2 boys so..I hope you like the looks~~

As usual the boys featured some very funky and cool yet expensive clothing in the MV,


1st Look

This first look was inspired by JR’s Red, White and Black outfit that he wore in the MV.


In this look I played off the colours that were present in the outfit as well as the stripes that he featured on his trousers. I tried to keep the accessories more wearable yet funky.


1) Printed T shirt – New Look– £7.99   Buy Here

2) Tattoo Design Hat – Ebay– £9.99

3) Striped Jeans – Boohoo– £25 Buy Here

4) Art Deco Watch – Chelsea Doll – £10 Buy Here

5) Lips Acrylic Necklace – Chelsea Doll – £10 Buy Here

6) Hearts Double Ring- Chelsea Doll – £8 Buy Here

7) Red Converse- John Lewis – £26

8 ) Star Studded Leather Cuff – Chelsea Doll – £10 Buy Here


2nd Outfit

This outfit was inspired by the bomber jackets and distressed jeans both the boys were seen wearing in the MV.

In this outfit I tried to recreate the stylish hip hop boy look with adding distressed jeans and a printed vest as well as adding some manly/chunky jewellery pieces.

1) Palm Tree Bomber Jacket – River Island- £40 Buy Here

2)Chiffon Back Vest- Boohoo– £ 12.00 Buy Here

3) Tie Dye Jeans – Boohoo – £20 Buy Here

4) Brown and Gold Necklace – Chelsea Doll – £12 Buy Here

5) Back and Gold Spiked Bracelet – Chelsea Doll – £8 Buy Here

6) Multi Chain necklace – Chelsea Doll – £10 Buy Here

7) Wrap around bracelet – Chelsea Doll– £7 Buy Here

8 ) Studded Slipper Shoes – Boohoo – £20.00 Buy Here

9) Spiked double ring – Chelsea Doll – £12 Buy Here

I hope you have been inspired by the looks created!!

Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Disclaimer : we are not affiliated with any of the brands above.


Minzi is a Kpop News and K-Drama editor on kpopconcerts as well as co-creator of K-pop podcast K-Obsession.

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