Japanese concert sell outs for CNBLUE and 2AM

Both Japanese concerts from CNBLUE and 2AM have sold out in record breaking time.

2AM tickets sold out in near 10 minutes after release, whereas CNBLUE’s 13,000 tickets for their final leg of the tour sold out in just over 1 minute.

2AM’s ’2AM 1st Japan Tour- Never Let You Go’ concert went online on December 17 at 10:00 am, and was sold out shortly after.

2AM’s sell out of their concert tickets is a rare event considering they haven’t debuted in Japan yet. 2AM are due to release their Japanese debut single Never Let You Go on January 11.

CNBLUE’s final concert was on December 16. At the final concert, CNBLUE played an original intro sound that Jung Yong Hwa wrote and performed their hit songs, including, “Now or Never,” “Love,” and “Intuition.”

CNBLUE will release their second Japanese official single, Where You Are in February.


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