Jae Bum Park states, “My feet don’t smell!”

On the April 21st airing of the MBC show, “Girl Writer, Boy Producer,” 2 PM’s ex leader and now solo artist Jae Bum Park and actress Si Young Lee worked together to produce a song for the up and coming group “TINY-G”.

The two met at the studio and upon Si young’s arrival, she asked Jae Bum to take off his slippers. Jae Bum’s socks gained quite some attention because when put together, his socks created an image of a bear.

Si young laughed and stated, “Where do you buy these kind of socks? They’re so cute, I want to buy some now.”

Jae bum then replied with, “Do you want mine?” but Si young quickly rejected, “Not those!” Jae Bum continued to defend himself, “My feet don’t smell!” Si Young continued to joke at him by saying, “The smell is really strong!”

Jae Bum continued to defend himself by saying that Si Young was lying and that he has pride in his non-smelly feet. Si Young began laughing at Jae Bum’s Korean speaking skills. Jae Bum continued to talk about his feet not smelling but not for long as the two began to start laughing.

Source: Nate
Translated by Diana Shin


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