Jackie Chan’s JJCC Prepares to Debut in March


Jackie Chan is coming close to the debut of his very own k-pop group. The whole launch preparation has been shrouded in secrecy with details only emerging this week.

The five member group will be called JJCC or Double JC and will target the global music market.

The movie star himself had a hand in preparing the group by way of discovering them, training, producing the tracks for the album and much more. The boys of the group are all around their early 20s, four of them are Korean while one is Chinese.

JJCC’s agency The Jackie Chan Group Korea said, “As JJCC was born through thorough planning under Jackie Chan’s belief that only a merged Asia could conquer the world, you will be able to experience different content from that of existing idols. We have completed all the work for their official debut. As we have sweated and shown passion for many years, we will do our best until the very end in order to have a first stage that will leave an impression on fans’ minds.”

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