Jackie Chan to Debut New Idol Group in Korea and China

Jackie Chan Chinese Zodiac
Reports from Seoul’s Ilgan Sports newspaper in May last year indicated that Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan was preparing to debut a new idol group that he was preparing himself.

The idol group would have been made up of four Koreans and one ethnic Chinese. Initial names for the group included “JJCC”. Jackie Chan recruited the members and took part in the development of the group.

Jackie Chan’s agency said, “He is currently preparing for an idol group that will debut both in Korea and China.”

They continued, “They have named the group, ‘DoubleJC’, but nothing has been confirmed yet. All the members in the group are Korean, however, they may add more members in the future.”

Jackie Chan brought the members of the new group with him to promotions for the “Chinese Zodiac” movie and introduced them to officials and staff.

Hyun Jin Young has also had a hand in the training of the new idol group as well. The agency commented, “Jackie has been putting his all into this new project. However, because we are still in the preparation stages, nothing has been confirmed yet.”

There is no set timeline yet as to the debut or showcases for the new group. Hopefully we will get to see some teasers for Jackie Chan’s new group.

In the meantime, Jackie Chan’s new film “Chinese Zodiac” will be released on February 28.


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