IU Fans Set Up “We Demand the Truth From IU” Group Over Recent Relationship Controversy

Only a couple of days after the IU-Eunhyuk relationship spread across media headlines, there has already been a group set up online titled, “We Demand the Truth From IU”.

The group demanding the truth from IU was set up on November 11 and is gaining some momentum with over 500 members. The group that set it up want to know if the photo accidentally uploaded by IU, means that IU and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk are in a relationship.

The photo that was uploaded on November 10 from IU’s private collection in which Eunhyuk with no top on and IU can be seen lying together.

IU had deleted the photo soon after the picture was uploaded, but netizens were quick to save and upload the picture.

Loen Entertainment stated that the picture was taken at home last summer whilst IU was sick at home and “Eunhyuk was paying her a visit, nothing more,” the agency said.

Other netizens have pointed out that the two could be just good friends because they are both in comfortable attire.


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