IU Becomes Face of Soju Brand ‘Chamisul’

IU has been selected by Korean soju brand ‘Chamisul’ to be the face for their 2015 campaign.

The solo artist was selected by HITE-Jinro to be their exclusive advertising model starting from November 25.

IU and Chamisul partnership

Chamisul representatives said, “IU, who has continued to receive love for her pure voice, was selected as the model because she has an image that fits well with the clean and fresh image of Chamisul, which also receives love from the public. With her solid music abilities to do a variety of genres, IU is earning love from not only those in their 20s and 30s, but middle-age to older crowd as well. The nation’s singer image of IU and the nation’s soju image of Chamisul are a good match.”

There will also be a followup TV campaign, which will also feature IU starting from next month.

IU Soju CF


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