Infinite Sungjong celebrates his 19th Birthday

Today marks another idol birthday as Infinite’s maknae Sungjong who celebrates his 19th birthday. Celebrating with the other members they updated their twitter profiles with pictures of the birthday boy with cake in their dorm. Check it out!

아이코 이쁜 우리막내 쫑이

TRANS Aigo our pretty maknae

생일축하해 우리막내쫑이=_=사랑훼 무럭무럭 자라다오 !!!!!!!!

TRANS : Happy birthday to our maknae Jjongie=_= I love you, grow up well !!!!!!!!



망캐인가…. 케익을 얼굴로 먹으면 ㅜㅜ 안대지 쫑아 … =_= 제작: 원조망캐 이성열 사진작가: 나무 우정출연: 규지지 그외 다수 : 인피니트외 최고의스텝13분

Is he a character who ruins his image…. When he eats cake with his face ㅜㅜ You can’t do that Jjong-ah … =_= Production: original character who ruins his image Lee Sungyeol Photographer: Namu (T/N: it means Tree in Korean as well) Guest star: Gyuzizi The many others : Aside from Infinite, the best 13 staff

@INFINITELKIM: 우리성종이 사랑해~^^
We love you Sungjong~ ^^


Infinite is to release their 3D version of ‘Second invasion Evolution’ which has recently been delayed.

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