Idol Stars’ Ideal Girls

I wrote an article about “What sort of girls do idol stars fall for?” in 2011. I included the types that 2PM, SHINee, B2ST and BIGBANG like. Since then, I’ve been curious about other idols and the types they prefer. So this time, I found the girls that EXO-K, Teen Top and Infinite fall for.




Suho: Lee Min Jung

Baekhyun: Han Ga In

Chanyeol: Scarlett Johansson

D.O: Amanda Seyfried

Kai: Han Ye Seul

Sehun: Choi Ji Woo


Teen Top


C.A.P: A girl who can rap, who is very feminine, who has a strong characteristics, who can take care of herself.

Chunji: A girl with black hair, double eye-lids, big eyes who is sexy and innocent and someone who is shy when talking to people.

L.Joe: A girl who runs along Han River, with double eye-lids and big eyes, who is cute and has a lot of aegyo and looks better without make-up.

Niel: Someone who is polite, nice, pure, who has a pretty smile.

Ricky: Someone who he can talk to, someone with a lot of aegyo, someone older.

Changjo: Someone with a lot of aegyo, with a pretty smile, with strong characteristics.





Sunggyu: Someone who looks perfect and cold, who is pretty and nice.

Dongwoo: A cute girl with a lot of aegyo, who takes good care of him, who he can rely on.

Woohyun: Someone who suits short hair, with a lot of aegyo, who is always nice, who is good to the elder people, who can always smile.

Hoya: A skinny and sexy girl, someone he can respect.

Sungyeol: Someone cool, who doesn’t act mean and who has pretty eyes.

L: An innocent looking girl with long wavy hair, doesn’t like sexy girls.

Sungjong: A funny girl who can make him laugh, who is slightly pretty and cute. He prefers girls older than him.

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