Honey-G Release Teaser For ‘You’


After ending up as one of the Top 12 acts on Superstar K4, Honey-G decided to sign with agency Chungchun Music; the same agency Superstar K3 contestants Busker Busker signed up to, and now it seems the group are ready to make their official debut! They following teaser was released:


Set in the form of an animation, the teaser is somewhat akin to a video game, especially Super Mario Bros. as a female character is kidnapped at the altar and the male lead is left to rescue her from the clutches of the evil.

Honey-G was originally 2 different groups; Honey Brown and Fat Duo, before being united by Lee Seungchul on the Superstar K4 show, and are thus the first group to be formed through the show.

Are you looking forward to Honey-G’s debut?




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