Hello Venus names official fanclub ‘Hello Cupid’

New group Hello Venus have officially named their fanclub ‘Hello Cupid’

Leader of the group Yooara posted on the groups official Daum Cafe page:


Our lovely fans~~~~
Hello! I’m Hello Venus leader! YooAra^*^
Now, we’re in midst of waiting for our live after finishing the Inkigayo recording ^^

Just now, when we were performing, I was touched when i saw placard(s) that fans made. T.T
I feel that we gain strength because of all the fans!
Thanks to fans whose shouting Hello Venus name loudly, we can perform joyfully on stage!!!!!!! >*<
But, everyone called us Hello Venus, and we don’t know what should we call you, all fans…

So!!!!!!! After endless discussion!
Finally, we chose a name for our fans!!!!! What could it be?
What could it be? What ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*_*?
It’s, Hello Cupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I saw a fan asking on the fancafe about “cupid” as our fanclub name before.
At the time, we also thought the same, I’m so glad. ^^
So, this time we’ll greet our fans, and choose “Hello Cupid” as our fanclub name together with other members!
Everyone how do you think (about the name)? do you like it? I hope you like itㅠㅠ

Thank you for always treating Hello Venus well, and for always giving love to us!
I hope Hello Venus and Hello Cupid can always help each other~~
All fans, thank you and I love you*_*♥bbyong


What do you think of ‘Hello Cupid’ ?

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