Heechul’s & Go Xue Fu’s Steamy Kiss On “We Got Married – Global Edition”!


Heart-melting interactions between the Arisa Yagi/Key and Go Xue Fu/Heechul couples were shown through “We Got Married – Global Edition”‘s compact episode 4.

The short video starts off with Arisa giving Key a pair of couple-look Ugg boots before they go on a ski trip. If you recall, Key strongly dislikes the Ugg boot fashion, but he (kind of) hid his distaste for them since they were, after all, a gift from Arisa. He politely wears them on their ski trip, and both are shown to be having loads of fun.

Meanwhile. Heechul and Go Xue Fu go for a wedding photoshoot, one of the valued traditions of the “We Got Married” program. After several teasing almost-kisses, Heechul boldly locks lips with his “wife” for a final picture. Many fans even speculate that the couple are actually in love, due to the realness of the romantic vibe they show.

Who is your favorite couple?

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