Haha’s tweeted about his wife Pregnancy

Haha and Byul

Just a few hours ago, Haha enthusiastically shared the happy news about his wife, Byul, being 3 months pregnant through twitter!

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The two tweets roughly translated as

Everyone, please congratulate us! I’m going to be a father! Our child is three months along and apparently very healthy too! Aigoo~ I’m embarrassed.. hehehe. My mouth was itching because I really wanted to brag to my fellow members, agency, and you all~!

I was biting my lips closed because they said that we had to wait until they knew the baby was safe and settled! They said that the baby is very healthy! Hehe, will you pray for our dream that the child to be tall~? Congratulate us all you want~!! Thank you!! Hehe, now I’m off to go on a little trip~^^

Fans have been retweeting his tweets and sending him a flood of congratulatory news since then!

Kpopconcerts also wishes to congratulate Haha and Byul and will pray for the child to be healthy and tall as their wishes!!!
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