H1GHR Music Seeking Fans to be Part of New Music Video

Here’s your chance to be a part of a music video! 

In celebration of the label’s third anniversary, H1GHR Music Records is releasing their joint compilation albums — ‘RED TAPE’ and ‘BLUE TAPE’ — next month and they want YOU to be part of this memorable project! 

How to Enter

Fans must select a personal video of some of their most treasured and cheerful moments. Those that are selected will be part of an audiovisual production of one of the tracks from the ‘BLUE TAPE’ album. 


  • Video in landscape format recommended
  • No limit to the duration/file format of the video
  • Video Theme: Your happiest moments, unforgettable/meaningful memories, times you want to remember”
  • Email Subject: Nationality / City / Name 

Videos must be emailed to moment@h1ghrmusic.com by Friday, August 21 (KST).

See below for more information:

‘RED TAPE’ and ‘BLUE TAPE’ will be released on Wednesday, September 2 and Wednesday, September 16 respectively. The albums serve as a landmark for H1GHR Music Records’ achievements thus far and will bring a variety of songs and original content for fans to enjoy. Confirmed artists to be featured on the albums include: CEO Jay Park, pH-1, Sik-K, Golden, GroovyRoom, BIG Naughty, HAON, DJ SMMT, TRADE L, Woogie, producer Woodie Gochild and more.

H1GHR Music Records is a global hip-hop and R&B label founded in 2017 by producer, businessman and rapper Jay Park with North American singer and songwriter Cha Cha Malone. The company aims to promote new talents in their hometowns, Seoul and Seattle, and internationally.

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