Goddess Release Their MV Teaser For Farewell Party

Upcoming girl group Goddess, released their teaser today for their debut track ‘Farewell Party‘.

Goddess are a girl group formed under the ‘DEF company‘, populary known for their dance school ‘DEF Dance Skool’. Over the years they have also helped trained many stars such as G.NA,U-kiss‘s Hoon and even Taiwanese star Lollipop Four. They consist of  4 members Bit Na, So Jeong, Eun Jee and leader Ye Jin.

Goddess have had a unique way of starting of their career by teasing fans with a profile video; as well as a Gangnam style tutorial with their very own member Bit Na and now finally they have given us a teaser! Their company have also stated that their dance choreography will be as intense as those seen in boy bands to help enhance their ‘gangsta’ image.

With a ballad style track the girls are seen in various places accompanied by a motor cycle and a sad expression, although there isn’t much given away about the song; amongst all the upbeat tracks girl groups are releasing, this ballad gives of a unique vibe and is sure to stand out!

So check it out below!

You can also c[ad]heck out their profile video and dance videos on their official youtube channel!

So what do you guys think? Have the Goddesses appeared?

Source: Sun57500@Youtube


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