Girls Day ‘Oh My God!’ – Get The Look!

Girls Day have recently come back with their upbeat pop song ‘Oh My God!‘. As expected from Girls Day their fashion was very girlie and totally on trend with bold colours and a lot of colour blocking! I feel this MV was full of like old school as well as sporty theme to it which fit well with the cute chipmunk fighting scene!



During the Sporty Scene the girls were dressed in MimiCawe Pieces that are sold in Laykunishop‘s online store.

Here are some of the things they wore and the links to where to find them.


1) Purple Jumper Click Here

2) Grey Jumper Click Here

3) Colourful Jumper Click Here

I have taken inspiration from several outfits in the MV and tried to recreate 3 looks that were very Girls Day Style but from the High Street!

Day Time Look

This laid back outfit can be toned up or toned down depending on how you feel! I decided to play around with a lot of colour to emulate the colour blocking and lace they had in the jacket cover.

1) Cycle Necklace – Chelsea Doll – £13

2) Bird Necklace- Chelsea Doll– £12

3) Bright Jeggings – Bohoo– £20

4) Annie Boots- Boohoo– £35

5) Leather Jacket- Amazon– £60

6) Lace Top- Bohoo – £15


Date Look


This I thought was very girly and fun to wear out! The Mesh in the top and the colours were  inspired by the pink mesh one of the girls is wearing in the Album Cover.

1) Stone Necklace- Chelsea Doll- £10

2) Peacock Necklace- Chelsea Doll- £12

3) Cassette Tape Earnings- Chelsea Doll- £10

4) Mesh BodyCon Top – Boohoo- £12

5) Piano Ring- Chelsea Doll- £14

6) Pink Skirt- Boohoo – 

7) Peep Toe Wedges- Boohoo– £25


Party Dresses

I put these looks together again with inspiration from the Album cover with the black and white cut out top, the mesh as well as the winged dress.

1) Mesh Dress- Boohoo- £20

2) Cut out lace dress- Boohoo– £20

3) Mesh/ Winged out bottom dress – Amazon – £16.99

4) Tie Dye Heels- Boohoo– £30

5) Peep Toe Heels – Boohoo – £20

6) Annie Boots- Boohoo – £35

7) Jade Short necklace- Chelsea Doll – £12

8) Glass and Resin Bead Earrings- Chelsea Doll – £10

9) Delicate Flower and Bird Necklace- Chelsea Doll– £16

There you have it!! Girls Day inspired looks from the British highstreet!
[ad#GA-468-img-Minaz] This article is not sponsored by Boohoo or Chelsea Doll.

Stay tuned to for more Get the Look posts!!


Minzi is a Kpop News and K-Drama editor on kpopconcerts as well as co-creator of K-pop podcast K-Obsession.

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