(G)I-DLE Sets Sights on US Promotions in 2019/2020

CUBE Entertainment, the leading Korean music company representing K-Pop artists (G)I-DLE today announced an exclusive strategic partnership for US PR/Marketing representation with e2PR, Strategic Communications located in NY, with offices in Korea. Future plans will include a US rollout that includes new music, US fan shows, singles, videos and an EP release at a date to be announced.  

The US pr team will be led by Ellyn Solis, and Korean partner Elly Chae of e2PR. They offer a unique skill set in bringing awareness to (G)I-IDLE in the US,” said CEO of CUBE ENTERTAINMENT, “Their credibility and expertise perfectly aligns with our vision for this brilliant group of creative, independent, and fierce young women that are (G)I-DLE.” 

(G)I-DLE are poised to make an impact here and we are proud to be helping to create more opportunities for these amazing young artists in the US,” said Ellyn Solis, President of e2PR.

(G)I-DLE, a group of culturally diverse female starts, is the new buzz band following in the footsteps of other K-Pop artists who have made their mark in the US and around the world. Their arrival on the scene in 2018 included a slow reveal of the six members as well as a BTS-cover performance by the band before the viral debut. They then charted at #1 on the Korean Music Charts just 20 days after their debut and were subsequently awarded 10 ‘Rookie of the Year Awards’ in 2018. (G)I-DLE has also received accolades from fans and media around the world. 
(G)I-DLE, recently made news in the US at their KCON/NY appearances including their show-stopping performance at Madison Square Garden. Their elated and screaming fans enjoyed the performance of their hits including “LATATA”, but also in a musical departure, the band’s theatrical performance of a song from the iconic movie, CHICAGO.

Press in attendance interviewed the young women at the conference and stories subsequently ran in AllureBillboardMTV News, and other outlets lauding them and making comparisons to artists such as BlackPink for their edgy, nonconforming style and musical diversity.

We are so excited about making an impact in the United States for our fans there,” Soyeon, the leader of (G)I-DLE who is also the main songwriter and producer for the group, tells Billboard. “We are so thrilled and excited to meet our fans in the US We thank them for always supporting us even from far away. We are creating music and performances in our own unique (G)I-DLE way for them to enjoy.”

Keep your eyes peeled for their Stateside promotions!

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