(G)I-DLE Releases new track LION

Cube Entertainment today announced that (G)I-DLE’s new track, ‘LION’ released on October 25, has met with worldwide positive reaction and acclaim. Twitter and Instagram blew up when fans heard the song and it has now become one of the most popular songs on iTunes: Thailand no. 2, Singapore no. 5, Malaysia, Philippines, Hongkong no. 10.

Fans of the band called NEVERLAND were fast to weigh in, some of the Twitter accolades below among thousands of others: “Lion is a really good song! Maybe @G_I_DLE’s best! Soyeon really did a good job by self producing it!” “Queens!!!!SOyeon is genius and every member has a very unique voice. Once again idle prove that they’re the most talented!”“Lyrics, arrangement, composition! Soyeon you’re really a genius excellent awesome great best producer”

(G)I-DLE, the fast-rising K-pop group debuting in 2018, released the powerful track as part of the Queendom Competition airing on the MNET TV network in South Korea. This group of fierce creative and boundary-pushing young women have become an anticipated part of the Queendom show. They are funny, beautiful, outspoken and their voices soar.

‘LION’ is focused on the charisma and dignity of a Queen expressed through the use of the metaphor of a LION. Composed by SOYEON, and Bicksancho(Yummy Tone), with lyrics by Soyeon and arrangement by Bicksancho (Yummy Tone).  Queendom is a reality girl group survival show, created by Mnet. In the first round, (G)I-dle finished in first place after performing their hit song, “LATATA”. The intro of that performance was done by Minnie as a Thai enchantment. Fans made the performance a viral conversation.

In the next round, (G)I-DLE got nostalgic by reinterpreting 2ne1‘s ‘Fire’ with their own modern twist. That performance exceeded 10 million YouTube views. (G)I-dle also performed “Nightmare” on the 3rd round of the competition and that performance and episode received over 1 million YouTube views in just 14 hours solidifying the band’s popularity and appeal.  

(G)I-DLE are being continuously praised for the way they conduct themselves on the show even in the midst of heavy competition from the other participants. They are the clear fan favorite and the show has succeeded in helping grow their fan club, Neverland to much higher numbers. 

As (G)I-DE continues to create this tidal wave of dedicated fans, their SPOTIFY followers just hit 1 million with social platform, Instagram growing everyday, now at 3.4 million followers. Pandora is also growing with over 23K streams thus far. These inspiring young women that are (G)I-DLE will be competing in the final round in next week’s episode of Queendom, performing ‘LION’ live.

Since the songs release, the Neverland fans have been using the hashtag: #GIDLExLION to push the song up the charts in anticipation of the band’s upcoming live performance on October 31, 9:20 pm KST.  

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