GHOST9 Becomes First Rookie Group to Hold Debut Stage Atop 63 Building

On September 22, Maroo Entertainment announced that GHOST9 will make their debut on the rooftop of the famed 63 Building, making them the first K-Pop artist in history to do so. The 63 Building is a national Korean landmark and one of the tallest buildings in the country.

GHOST9 recently completed the pre-recording in accordance with safety rules and regulations and the footage will be unveiled at the group’s debut showcase on Wednesday, September 23 at 9PM (KST) via Mnet.

The debut showcase will be the public’s first introduction to the group and the first stage of their debut song, “Think of Dawn.” The members will also share behind-the-scenes and stories behind their album at the showcase. 

GHOST9 has nine members — Jinwoo, Kangsung, Shin, Taeseung, Dongjun, Junhyung, Junseong, Woojin, and Prince. Together, the members underwent three years of intensive training and will strive to deliver comfort and hope to everyone around the world.  

Previously, GHOST9 unveiled their animated counterparts, GLEEZ, followed by the release of their sci-fi inspired ‘CINEMATIC WORK : DOOR’ film. The group’s unique debut promotions piqued the public’s interest and left many anticipating their future content. 

PRE EPISODE 1: DOOR’ will be the beginning of GHOST9’s storyline that is inspired by the hollow earth theory. The theory states that the earth is actually a hollow shell. In the North and South Pole supposedly lie holes that lead to the interior of the earth. Playing on this theory, this “inner world” is where the GLEEZ characters reside, nine animated characters who serve as GHOST9’s soulmates and companions. GLEEZ will tour the world and face new adventures alongside GHOST9, while telling their own stories through their own animated series, “GLEEZ THE WORKS.”

Ahead of their debut showcase, a music video teaser for GHOST9’s “Think of Dawn” was released on the group’s official Youtube channel.

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